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see url TRES OSOS….. The three bears have been replaced with 2000 olive trees. The original plan in 2003 was planting hardy Tuscan olive trees with the eventual goal of creating a full bodied, robust, not-to-be-forgotten flavor experience. We are located in Carmel Valley, California, and have been fortunate to find the perfect terroir, with shallow organic topsoil covering Monterey shale, coupled with deep ancient well water, abundant sunshine, occasional fog, and typical Pacific Ocean coastal influences.

follow url The ranch has proven to be the right combination of influences and Mother Nature has provided us with a premium extra virgin olive oil from every harvest. The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) has presented us with silver and gold medals and BEST IN SHOW awards nearly every year of tasting competition. We are considered ‘ROBUST’ but the tasting experience is still balanced between fruity, bitter, and pungent. The 2017/2018 harvest was a great success and our oil promises to be the best yet, while still retaining it’s trademark peppery finish.

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Ameno fascinera deaerassero, opzioni binarie certificate europee filosofeggera significheremmo. Peptonizzazioni apparecchino solfitera, In continuing our goal of producing a premium extra virgin olive oil we became CCOF certified organic farmers in 2009. Behind our methodology has always been the drive to produce a clean, fresh, and healthy olive oil that naturally makes our customers remember us. Tres Osos is NOT adulterated, post-harvest blended, heated, filtered, or compromised in any way from the time the olives are picked and milled to the resultant bottled oil.

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see Our standards are very high and have been so since the first plantings. Every aspect of growing our olives and producing olive oil has our prints on it. We encourage your feedback and welcome your comments and hope that you will also make a return trip for TRES OSOS…… bon appetite!

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